Students feed back


Marc @ PDC Luzio – Portugal

Just saw four people do the presentation of their Permaculture Design Course today. Instead of focusing on Earthcare, they settled for Peoplecare and Fair share (the three ethics of Permaculture). The result was a hope-giving combination of ideas on how to transform a small farm (in this case Quinta Do Luzio Janas) into a center of community, where food production is coupled with building networks of people, sharing the same principles for dealing with some of the major problems of current society.

It was inspiring to see that a bottom-up approach of solving problems on a local scale can provide meaningful work, that empowers people and regenerates the planet. I am very curious to see the results of these kinds of cooperation in the near future.

The next step could very well be the organization of an urban farm connecting the consumptive power of the city with the production power of the rural “city backyard”. Just a matter of connecting the dots. Giving city-dwellers insight in how their food is produced, is a very important option in getting them to decide with their wallet where and how their food has to come.

The message for the moment remains however, as Helder Valente, the PDC trainer, put it: Let’s grow!


Serge @ PDC Casalinho – Portugal

Helder Valente’s New School Permaculture certified 10 eager new permaculturists on June 12th after a 9 day intensive Permaculture Design Course (PDC). During that time Helder and his wonderful assistant Karen cultivated a relaxed and healthy learning environment among the students whilst planting the seeds of knowledge passed down directly from Bill Mollinson himself. Apart from the time we spent absorbing information in the classroom (both inside the training room and outside beneath the pear tree), we participated in several practical activities including an 18 day compost pile and (my personal favourite) swale-digging.

The main focus of the course was the social aspect, which certainly paid off and proved an effective method since the group functioned and communicated flawlessly. All our knowledge and experience from the course was combined into a complete 5-year design and plan for Casalinho. The entire Group participated, covering every single aspect, and the final design was presented to the hosts on the last day of the course. The plan, including scale maps and even product designs, was praised for its down-to-earthness and accessibility. As a group I think we were very proud of it!


Tato @ course in Canary Islands – Spain

After the course we organise in La Gomera (Canary Island) finally I found the word that join all the different aspects i was trying to gather for my life and family, Permaculture.

It was like a breath of fresh air meeting all these “new” people, sharing technics for self suficiency and putting in common ideas and future projects.
The course inspire and push me to actually start my own project and move towards efficiency with my life, time and family.

As it all depends, let´s start observing and taking care of the nature and worrying about our neighbour.
I believe this is the way in what we can start thinking as an animals and our relation with mother earth using all “green” technologies available today.

 More courses, more info, more sharing, more Permaculture!

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