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People Care in Permaculture Course -12/15 Aug – Portugal 

Permaculture People Care, with Helder Valente and
 New School Permaculture.
Monday 12th – Thursday 15th August 2013
Learning to design and care for ourselves, our communities, and the planet.
This four day course is designed to be useful to anyone who interacts with others. So unless you’re a hermit, that’s YOU!
Perhaps you’ve ever asked one of these questions?
Managing people is so much harder than developing the land. How can I do it better?
Where do I start when trying to create and organise my project?
How do I keep the people involved in my project happy and inspired?
When challenges appear, how do I keep moving forward?
I want to keep inspired and manifest my vision for the future. How can I get support and help others realise their own visions?
Then this course will help you find solutions.
During the course we will explore:
Decision making
Social organisation
Conflict resolution
Power of celebration
Alternative economy
Sustainable community
….. and much more …..!
This course will be taught in English by Helder Valente. Helder is native Portuguese, so Portuguese speakers need not worry about translation for troubling words or ideas.
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Curso de introducción a la permacultura – 20-21 JUL Tenerife


New School Permaculture en Las canarias

20-21 july
Manantial de Tara -Tenerife – Canary Islands – Spain

Tel: 922103593

Cada día de 10:00h – 14:00h y 16:00h-20:00h (total 16 hrs)
Curso adaptado al clima de las Islas Canarias e impartido en castellano

La permacultura surge como una respuesta, como una propuesta positiva a la crisis energética del sistema actual y plantea soluciones prácticas para la viabilidad humana en un mundo dónde la energía fósil está en declive y el clima se alborota.

Dado que el modelo de agricultura moderna depende de los combustibles fósiles, tanto en su producción (maquinaria; herbicidas, fungicidas y pesticidas) como en su transporte, la permacultura propone desarrollar técnicas de agricultura sostenibles y locales parahacer frente al futuro.

La permacultura es el diseño de entornos humanos sostenibles. Trata de una ciencia de diseño que observa e imita el funcionamiento de los sistemas naturales para crear entornos sostenibles, capaces de satisfacer las necesidades de sus habitantes, sin explotar ni contaminar el medioambiente, y de forma perdurable a largo plazo.

Todas las personas interesadas en un futuro mejor

Helder Valente. Profesor diplomado por la “British Association” y estudiante de Bill mollison.

Donacion minima: 100 e
Plazas limitadas
(incluye comidas vegetarianas)

Escibenos a para resevar tu plaza

Bosques comestibles, estrategias de aprendizaje, lectura
del paisaje, patrones naturales, diseño paso a paso, flujos
de energía, sucesión natural, preservación y enriquecimiento
de suelos, estrategias de conservación del agua…

New School Permaculture
Manantial de Tara



Introduction to permaculture course:

The New School Permaculture is in the canary islands in Spain and is bringing to you a introduction to permaculture course in the island of Tenerife.This island has an amazing subtropical climate were many mangoes and Bananas grow, you can also see high altitude mountains were you can find colder biotopes of apples and chestnuts.

In this course you will be able to have an idea about what is permaculture and its many functions, we will talk about how to understand:

Permaculture principles
Sustainable agriculture
Water and soil regeneration
Natural construction
Alternative energy
Social organization
Holistic economy
Design process

…all this combined with practical exercises and many pedagogic games,…New School Style… cause if we dont have fun we dont learn…

If you are curious about what is permaculture and for what it is used for, come and have a look at how can this science transform the reality that we live in.

After this course you will never be the same 😉